Sunday, March 22, 2009

Final Evaluation-poster and flier

  This is the final look for our poster we didn't change anything from the plan we.

Final Evaluation-poster and flier

   This is our final look for our poster we changed a bit of stuff and added a bit of stuff, for the plan that we did. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009


     The product work , works well but it couldn't all the things that i wanted .  I really tried to do all the stages carefully step by step, and not to leave anything out. 
 Investigate:  At first i search about volcanoes and collected all the information needed for my iweb. 
 Design: i used iweb for my project, imbedded photos and videos.
Plan: i stared to write down ideas about what I'm going to do.
Create: i started making my iweb.


investigation and plan-Bullying flyer and poster

   Me and my partner will make a flyer and a poster about Bulling, and to stop bullying.
 In the flyer we'll have information about what is bullying, define bullying, and different kinds of bullying . Such as : Exclusion,
                                      physical ,
                                      and cyber-bullying.
It is the act of harming a weaker person.
  On the poster we will write Do you want to be bullied 
  Stop bulling in a big text size. 
  It hurts!!!
we'll also have two pictures on the  poster one will be a stop bullying sign and the other picure wil be a person getting bullied. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

client meeting

   My design and layout for my web page do fit my plan. 
   I'm researching about volcanoes , what they do ,why do they erupt, it kind of fun. i haven't done a lot in class because there was  a lesson when i couldn't open my web page. 
   i still didn't use any colors or fonts because it's easier if you type and finish all the important information and then have fun with fonts and colors.  
   i still didn't get to the fifth page I've only wrote the titles on each of the five web pages,except for the first one that i have wrote a lot of information on.
   not every thing is going on well with i web , all letters are capitalized and i don't know how to uncapitalized them, I'm also having problems with hoe to upload the videos on iWeb. the rotate button wouldn't work so every time we make a mistake you'll have to start again.
     i do have an emergency plan on my web page. I'm keeping a record of all the websites that i take information, videos, pictures etc. 
  This is my home page of my iweb. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

             The two websites that I looked at are very good. But in my opinion one of them is better than the other because it gives you more options to choose what to read about. The other website was only information about a specific thing which was kinds of technologies that we can use in an emergency.  I also like the FEMA For Kids website because it was more eye catching for kids. There mostly different because one is for kids and one is for adults.  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Design cycle

This cycle has four main components and they are
Investigate:search about what your project is about .
PLan: write down some ideas about your project.
Create: start making your project.
Evaluate: check all the errors, write a conclusion.